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Volkswagen of North Attleboro
Sales: (866) 576-0069 Service: (866) 307-7876
Bring the Test Drives to You. 

Don't let car shopping stress you out any longer. Volkswagen of North Attleboro is committed to making this process as simple as possible. Let us bring the test drive to you!

Imagine a car that you are interested in, pulling up your driveway. No need to take a day off from work or spend your weekend getting yourself to a dealership. This eliminates any inconvenience of getting to a dealership! Volkswagen of North Attleboro cares about you and your time. 

Interested in test driving one of our vehicles? Contact us at (866) 576-0069 and we will coordinate a time to deliver the test drive to you! This includes new AND used vehicles (excludes the Golf R). Hours are from 9am to 6pm. 

You will be test driving your future vehicle in no time!

Set Up Test Drive

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Answers to your FAQs

Why do I need my driver's license?  

Dealerships require you to have a valid driver's license in order to take a test drive. 
Who is picking me up for my test drive? 

A certified Volkswagen of North Attleboro Sales Representative will be picking you up for your test drive. 
How do I select the time and day for my test drive? 

Simply contact us at (866) 576-0069 or fill out the form above and a certified Sales Representative from Volkswagen of North Attleboro will reach out to set up your test drive appointment.
Can I choose the color and trim of the vehicle I want to test drive? 

Absolutely! When you speak with the certified Sales Representative, please mention what color and trim level you are interested in test driving.

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