Financing Process at Volkswagen of North Attleboro
Provides greater confidence in which customers are "pre-approved" for another purchase/lease through Volkswagen Credit. It also offers both pricing and advance benefits for customers.
Program Eligibility
  • Select VCI customers who have met VCI's criteria qualify for the Pre-Approval program*
  • A pre-approved customer must return, trade-in or replace current vehicle with a new vehicle
  • The new monthly payment must be within 110% of the monthly payment on the existing VCI account.
  • Primary customer listed on the existing VCI account must be listed on the new VCI account
  • New and Near New Volkswagen vehicles (See vehicle definition and Eligibility Matrix on page) 

Step 1: Determine Your Budget 

  Step 2: Get Pre-Approved 

Step 3: Select Your Vehicle

It really is that simple! Want to know more? Send us a message and we can answer any questions you have!

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